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At Dabney and Crooks, we provide expertise in water and waste water management, treatment, distribution, and collection systems and facilities.

Using contract operation and maintenance management assistance, we evaluate operations from a multitude of perspectives – from performance and infrastructure conditions, to staff skill levels and energy management.
We help our clients keep wastewater and water treatment systems in compliance with their respective Virginia Department of Environmental Health (VADEQ) and Virginia Department of Health (VDH) permits, general maintenance and operations.
Dabney and Crooks acts as your in-house wastewater and water treatment consultant. Our reputation for outstanding service and results enables our clients' systems to operate to peak capability, ultimately minimizing compliance issues.

The end result is that wastewater and water facilities we consult with run efficiently and smoothly, as demonstrated by our 100% renewal rate at facilities past their first term.
Lower Your Costs:
- Earlier problem detection
- Better preventive maintenance
- Longer equipment life
- Lower personnel costs

Save your Time:
- Comprehensive NPDES lab testing
- Inclusive VADEQ and VDH monthly operating reports
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